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Video Call Center – The Future of Personalized Video Communications

Compunetix is proud to announce the launch of a dedicated Video Call Center (VCC) website. Video Call Center represents the future of customer engagement solutions through real-time video communication across a wide range of industries.

Video Call Center is a web-based solution, leveraging modern WebRTC browser technology, that allows organizations to open a virtual front door to their business. It enables full-featured voice and video communications across all pc, mobile devices and self-service kiosks. VCC delivers personalized video engagement in industries where face-to-face communication matters, for example:

Remote patients are given instant virtual access to healthcare professionals which enables safe and convenient telemedicine encounters. VCC also offers video patient triage, doctor waiting rooms, and video call scheduling.

Consumers are able to easily engage with retailers from mobile devices or in-store kiosks, connecting customers with an appropriate call center specialist.

VCC improves high-profile, public-facing services by offering secure video communication for complex workflows and services. This promotes efficiency and reduces public waiting times.

The capability and functionality of on-the-go banking is increased by offering the personal interaction of a live banking representative at an ATM, kiosk, or embedded in a banking app.

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