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Veidan, Israel’s Largest Unified Collaboration Provider, Deploys Compunetix Summit

Compunetix is pleased to announce that Veidan, a subsidiary of Cellcom (NYSE: CEL) and Israel’s first and largest conferencing services provider, has migrated its legacy voice conferencing platform to the latest Compunetix CONTEX Summit system. Using the Summit, Veidan is able to upgrade its customers to the most flexible, advanced, and highest quality conferencing features, while still replicating the experience to which end users were accustomed. The Compunetix award-winning support team worked closely with Veidan staff to guarantee the service migration would be seamless to the end users. For example, the billing reports and interactive voice response menus were customized to minimize user interruptions. This deployment marks the first for Compunetix in the Israeli market.


“Veidan’s decision to choose Compunetix came after a thorough and complex RFP process,” explained Antonio Capodieci, Compunetix Senior Account Executive. “We are pleased about our new relationship and, along with Veidan, look forward to introducing new collaboration features to the Israeli market.”


“It is very satisfying to participate with Veidan’s competent and experienced team as they leverage our solutions to grow the UC market in their region,” said Gerard Pompa, Compunetix Senior Vice President and Manager of the Communications Systems Division.


To continue leading the market for conference calls among businesses in Israel, Veidan chose to change its core platform to the advanced technology provided by the American company, Compunetix.


Nir Ronen, CEO of Veidan, said, “In the world of advanced technology and in response to the changing needs of our customers, we made a smooth transition from our audio bridge which has been serving our customers for many years. Without any disruption to ongoing operations, we updated the current functions while also making a technological leap that allows us to expand the basic services and additional services that we provide our customers.”


“After the process of defining our needs and identifying the leading suppliers in the world, we chose Compunetix as the supplier to implement our project. Compunetix’s more than forty years of experience in developing and producing conferencing systems, combined with a dedicated team who has accompanied us every step of the way, contributed to the success of the project, the realization of a new bridge, and the beginning of a new era at Veidan.”


About Veidan

Nir Ronen, Veidan CEO
Nir Ronen, Veidan CEO

Veidan is Israel’s first and largest conferencing services provider. Since its foundation in 1999, Veidan has been the leading telecom provider in Israel. From small telephonic meetings to virtual events with hundreds of participants from all over the world, broadcasted via video, audio and over the internet, Veidan’s range and quality of conferencing solutions provide a real alternative to face-to-face meetings. For more information visit www.veidan.co.il.

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