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Use EventMeet For Your Next Big Conference

Coordinating large conferences present unique challenges, from the sheer number of callers to the vast amount of information to be collected. CONTEX EventMeet is a specialized web application that allows organizations and service providers to coordinate large events effortlessly with seamless call entry, automated access, widespread information, WebRTC capability, and a brandable interface. Time of call conferee registration with EventMeet is fast, simple, and streamlined. EventMeet also drastically minimizes wait times and reduces operational head count. Its overall value comes from automated call processes with high-touch operator service.

EventMeet has been certified for up to 5,000 simultaneous users, making it perfect for corporate all hands meetings, town hall meetings, training and education services, and much more. Organizations can control the look and feel of the end user experience as EventMeet is easily customizable and can be adapted to meet specific needs. From the layout, theme, color, font, logo, and more, EventMeet can be customized on a session basis.

EventMeet Offers:

  • Time of Call event registration for busy professionals
  • Click to Join with an easy and simple invitation link
  • Three flexible options to join the call, giving end users more freedom
  • Completely customizable and adaptable to meet specific wants and needs

EventMeet Assists with Common Concerns:

  • Long call entry times – With EventMeet, service providers can meet strict time requirements for entering participants into the event call.
  • Spelling and other errors – Event participants enter their own information during the time of call registration, eliminating operator error. This also ensures an accurate participant list and contact information.
  • High operating costs – Save time and money with reduced operator overhead, especially during peak call times.
  • Low event participation – EventMeet promotes higher uptake because of ease of use and speed of entry.

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