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Updated Compunetix Blog and RSS Feed

Welcome everyone to the newly revamped and relaunched Compunetix Blog and RSS feed.

All things evolve in the internet ecosystem, and our website and accompanying blog are no exception.  As a result some recent website change, we’ve made the decision to re-situate our blog onto the WordPress servers. This change will provide Compunetix with more blog and communication options moving forward, and will provide additional tools to better serve our readers.

Unfortunately, this change also breaks the blog RSS feed/link that some readers had previously established with their RSS readers.  Those subscribers will be required to re-subscribe for automatic reception of the blog.  Luckily for us all, the process takes all of about 5 secs.

This has been an extraordinary year for the collaboration industry and for Compunetix. The recent economic woes that have been effecting the whole world have finally seemed to slow.  The long-term effects on our industry will be felt for years.

As is often the case with negative macro events that effect corporate travel, the collaboration industry has once again stepped up to fill the gap with a wide variety of tools to allow remote teams and workers to continue their productive pace even as their budgets are getting slashed.  More on this trend and it’s widespread ramifications in later postings.

Also, the international G-20 Summit has descended upon Pittsburgh this week, and we’ll be talking about that in more detail and what impact the meetings and protests will have on the world economic stage in the future.

I’d like to thank you all again for your continued interest in all things Compunetix, for subscribing to our blog and for all of the great comments and suggestions.

On with the show…