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Enhanced Capacity, Quality, & Security

The ConferenceManager5 (CM5) is a high definition (HD), high capacity audio, web, and video system for medium-large enterprise. This secure and reliable solution, built for effective collaboration, provides seamless access for all types of users and functionalities. Offering specialized features like real-time call management, private conference rooms, and encrypted recording for future playback, CM5 provides the processing foundation for many of our crafted workflow solutions delivered across vertical segments such as the healthcare, e-justice, transportation, secure executive conferencing, and financial organizations.

Enterprise Trusted Brand

With the release of CM5, the ConferenceManager brand has officially become a family of solutions. CM5’s sister solution, ConferenceManager™2 (CM2), has been a trusted staple in enterprise and federal spaces for over a decade. Known for its ease-of-use, flexibility, and dynamic functionality, CM5 builds on the maturity and reputation of CM2 with additional capacity, quality, and functionality.

CollaborationKey Features:

  • Up to 500 participants in a single call
  • HD audio and webcam support
  • Emergency conferencing
  • Web conferencing
  • Customizable

Meet Any Workflow

From system scale and deployment options (on-premises, private hosted, hosted) to dynamic features & functionality that serves many niche industry needs, ConferenceManager5’s most distinguishing feature is its ability to meet the unique needs of almost any business workflow. Many solutions in the enterprise space take a “one size fits all” approach to communication and collaboration. ConferenceManager5, while still a traditional conferencing solution at its core, is built for dynamic integration with specific industry workflows and requirements. Its focus on flexibility, whether that be in scale or feature/functionality, offers a unique opportunity for customers to build a customized tool that streamlines business efforts and maximizes productivity.

Emergency Management & Notification

With 500 ports of capacity, ConferenceManager5 has a powerful reach as an Emergency Management & Notification tool. Its unique BlastDial feature gives it the ability to initiate mass dial-outs, connecting multiple designated emergency response teams at once or notifying large groups with a recorded message.

BlastDial is quickly and easily initiated by a single user dial out. The system with then automatically call up to three (3) numbers for each contact/emergency personnel on the associated list. Once all parties are connected, emergency teams can efficiently work to address the matter a hand, enhancing overall response efforts and minimizing response times.