Provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use, in-house solution

ConferenceManager2 is an in-house audio conferencing server that eliminates the costly pay-as-you-go fees of subscription-based services, and sets new standards for security and ease of use. Designed to work within existing voice and data networks — and available with a fully integrated Web conferencing option — ConferenceManager2 has been deployed by hundreds of leading organizations with minimal cost, effort, or administration.



Sonexis ConferenceBurst is a flexible licensing option that has revolutionized how on-premise conference bridge deployments are viewed. By enabling the software to dynamically expand port capacity on-demand, ConferenceBurst allows ConferenceManager2 users to temporarily scale beyond the number of licensed ports without needing to own any additional resources.


With ConferenceBurst, you can reduce the cost of higher capacity calls by fully leveraging your existing infrastructure and finally eliminate the need for a service provider for larger than normal calls.


  • No contracts or separate conferencing applications required
  • Leverages internal infrastructure and resources to reduce costs
  • Ports will always be available for use and reservations
  • Supports unpredictable conferencing usage patterns
  • Collaboration becomes a part of your secure “Private Cloud”
  • Expandable from 12 to 1000’s of audio and web ports


An Irresistible Economic Story

The financial picture is clear. ConferenceManager2 provides a rapid, compelling payback. Your service provider just can’t compete. A minimal one-time investment and your organization begins saving immediately regardless of how your conferencing usage scales. Watch your savings—not your costs—skyrocket.


Better still, you pay only for what you need. With our unique architecture you’re never more than a license key away from increasing users, adding Web functionality, or changing from one protocol to another. Simply put, it’s the best thing to happen to conferencing…since the telephone.


Ease of Use and Administration

The ability to adapt ConferenceManager2 to your changing needs through a simple software upgrade is just the beginning of ConferenceManager2’s unmatched ease of use. Whether you’re an end-user or the system administrator, you’ll be surprised that conferencing can be so easy. Simply plug ConferenceManager2 into your voice (PSTN) or data network (VoIP) and within minutes your organization will be scheduling, launching, and recording conferences; collaborating over files in real-time; even inviting new conference attendees on the fly.


ConferenceManager2 makes it very easy for everyone. Familiar applications (like Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and the Web browser) provide the interfaces that make ConferenceManager2 accommodating for your end-user; while simple Web-based administration provides the flexibility you need to meet your organization’s needs.

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Eliminate the costly pay-as-you-go fees of subscription-based services and experience high-quality fully integrated audio and web conferencing with the ConferenceManager2.

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The JITC certified ConferenceManager2 is a state-of-the-art, on-premise audio conferencing platform engineered to deliver a highly secure audio conferencing solution for the Department of Defense. The system is compatible with all APL-listed voice switches and offers unmatched operational flexibility (supporting ad-hoc and scheduled conferences, as well as pre-set blast dial sessions).

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