Cloud Based Video Conferencing and Collaboration

Experience EVERGREEN technology from the Cloud.

EVERGREENCloud: The Most Scalable Video Conferencing Solution. Just one click to join your high quality, secure, and customizable video conference.

EVERGREENCloud allows you to quickly and easily experience the latest Compunetix video conferencing solutions based on the EVERGREEN technology, developed to deliver the best video quality and reliability no matter how large your video event is. Whatever video end-points you choose, the EVERGREENCloud will guarantee the easiest multipoint connectivity and the most reliable interoperability.


Compunetix advanced collaboration technology over the years have been a privilege of conferencing service providers and large enterprises.
The improving of network performance and security, allows Compunetix to deliver all the benefits of the proprietary video-conference technology through the cloud and makes Compunetix accessible to everybody.


Discover how easy is to start the video-conferencing meeting in few seconds.
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Reaching Into the Cloud

With EVERGREENCloud, you can harness the power of the cloud to fulfill all of your videoconferencing needs.

  • Accessing Virtual Ports: EVERGREENCloud provides you with your own dedicated system resources, or virtual ports, Virtual ports are able to facilitate both point-to-point and multipoint video conferencing without requiring an investment in system hardware.
  • Per Port Flexibility: Subscribe to EVERGREENCloud, as your organization grows and conferencing needs change, you can add or remove ports at needed with no restrictions on multi-point or concurrent calls, it lets you choose how your ports are deployed.
  • Unlimited Availability: Every virtual port is available on-demand – providing you with limitless access to your conferencing resources. At any moment, you have the freedom to start your next call.
  • Endpoint Agnostic: Featuring robust inter-connectivity with your existing endpoints, virtual ports support any stand-alone, H.323 standards-based video conferencing endpoints. If you can connect to the cloud, you can connect to the conference.
  • From the Cloud to on premise: Providing the ability to start with the cloud on a subscription model and switch to on premise implementation in a second time with the peace of mind that your collaboration requirements are satisfied. No other main collaboration vendor can allow this.

EVERGREENCloud main benefits and features

  • Exeperience your customized conference experience through the richness of features of the EVERGREENCloud:
    • WebRTC access: access the video conference directly from the browser without any download
    • H.323/SIP video terminal access
    • Join from any mobile device
    • Branding the conference experience (private URL, logo and themes branding)
    • Conference management and control features:
      • Conference participants list
      • Conference layout customization
      • Meeting lock functionality (conference level passcode)
      • Conference schedule
      • Automatic conference start and finish
      • Groups and subgroups creation
      • Large video-conference events support (over one thousand participants)
      • Question and Answer video mode
      • Skype for Business participants access
      • PSTN participants access
      • Record, playback and streaming
      • And many more…

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