Into The Cloud

The evolving landscape of collaboration is difficult to navigate. Demand for new seamless, full-featured, OTT (over the top) IP communications is surging. What are you doing to future-proof your offerings?


From the public clouds to private clouds, to hybrid clouds and beyond, Compunetix offers a portfolio of products, services, and partnerships to empower ideal customized solutions for your enterprise or service provider business. We’ve worked closely with CSPs for over 25 years, learning from the end users what they need in their collaborative workspace, and how they like it
delivered. While competitors come and go, Compunetix continues investing in research and development to continually deliver advanced solutions for multipoint communications. We strongly believe in actively participating in the future of our market, and have leveraged that historical experience with innovative new technologies to meet the next generation of collaboration demand.


Previously, in order to experience professional-grade, high quality video conferencing, enterprise users had to make a decision: rely on service providers to coordinate per minute video calls or purchase video conferencing equipment to support calls internally. Today’s solutions and technology provide for a spectrum of possible solutions, from private on-premises equipment, through a hybrid hosted/managed deployment, all the way to fully outsourced in the cloud.


Our community of partners comprises some of the world’s leading visual collaboration technology vendors and providers of cloud or premise based solutions. With our partners a complete ecosystem of products and services that improve productivity and build relationships are available.

Compunetix has always provided interoperability and integration, the goal with our partners is to continually improve on this objective. Join our community to find your solution.

The Compunetix published Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and our partnership ecosystem can take your collaboration to the cloud and beyond.  We integrate with only the best video recording and streaming providers, cloud gateways, and additional cloud services with our Hybrid Audio as a Service (HAaaS).  We enable and fuel your add-on enterprise and social integration via our robust APIs and continued dedication to best-of-breed pairings for a full-featured solution specifically tailored to your unique requirements.

Introducing our Companion Cloud offering – the robust capabilities of hardware MCUs have been seamlessly integrated with the power of the cloud to provide a flexible, IP-based video collaboration solution. Companion Cloud offers per port flexibility, unlimited availability, and is endpoint agnostic. If you’re ready to innovate, you’re ready for Companion Cloud.

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Whether you are working at home, on the road or just moving around the office, you still need to connect team members, collaborate, and make decisions. Compunetix has a wide variety of deployment offerings that can take your services on the road and into the clouds. To learn more about Summit Olympus, EVERGREEN, Companion, or our additional software audio/video collaboration solutions, click the link below. And for additional info about our growing number of mobile solutions, watch this space!

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Control Through the Cloud

Even though the EVERGREEN system itself is hosted by a service provider, users of virtual ports are still able to leverage significant control over their conferencing resources using a variety of EVERGREEN applications.

  • Integrating Over the Web: The EVERGREEN xWOC is a robust client that enables users to intuitively configure and control their conferences over the Web. Access to configuration settings and management permissions is set on a per user basis. A username and password is all that is required to login.
  • Account Management: The xWOC also allows virtual port users to store customer account information (such as contacts and conferences) on the hosting EVERGREEN system.
  • Dialing Parties: The xWOC interface can be used to dial-out and connect parties to the video conference. When endpoints are connected in this way, no passcode is required for entry into the meeting.
  • Multiple Users Per Account: With EVERGREEN Cloud Enablement, each account can permit multiple users to access the xWOC for conference control.
  • Simplifying Control: The EVERGREEN eWOC is a streamlined version of the xWOC that offers users a specialized subset of conference control features. It is the perfect tool for Hosts who want to intuitively initiate and manage their next conference.
  • Instant Endpoint Integration: EVERGREEN™ Companion is the versatile audio-video endpoint application that seamlessly interfaces with the EVERGREEN system. Users are able to initiate their conferences and participate in face-to-face collaboration with just a click of the mouse.
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