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Compunetix stands as the only independent solutions manufacturer with the expertise to deliver a spectrum of unified collaboration solutions on the industry’s leading converged platforms, the Summit Olympus™ and CONTEX Summit® media processors. Our suite of collaboration applications delivers fully integrated voice collaboration, data sharing, scheduling, recording, and more to fulfill all of your voice collaboration needs. Likewise, the Compunetix EVERGREEN™ line of media conferencing platforms enables unparalleled and scalable feature-rich high definition video conferencing.

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Our systems provide the most reliable, best-sounding audio conferencing available in the market.

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Seeing is believing. Reliable, high-quality video for maximum visual impact.

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Simple, straight-forward, intuitive, and fully integrated Web conferencing and collaboration.

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Productivity. Collaboration. Compunetix.

With extensive experience, unparalleled reliability, best-in-class HD Voice quality, and unmatched service standards, Compunetix will design a customizable Unified Collaboration answer for your business.
Our solution will reduce, manage, and predict long-term conferencing and collaboration costs, maintain the high quality of telephony and operator services that you currently enjoy, and better utilize your existing network and resources. Voice AND choice. Read on for more information. Want to get started saving money straight away?

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The changing collaboration landscape is difficult to traverse. But the demand for seamless, full-featured, OTT (over the top) communications is surging. What are you doing to future-proof your offerings?

From the forest to the summit to the cloud and beyond, Compunetix offers a portfolio of products, services, and partnerships to customize an ideal solution for your service provider business. While we have been busy over the last 30 years forging long-term relations with our CSPs clients, many of our competitors have quickly come and gone. Compunetix invests in research and development to advance collaboration capabilities, are active participants in helping to share the future of the market, and truly believe that service providers are the backbone of collaboration. Interested in our rich history as the partner of choice for CSPs?

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Reliable, mission critical, audio conferencing.

Compunetix has been designing and manufacturing public and private communications solutions for over 40 years and is THE industry expert in high-quality voice for every conferencing need. From sensitive and secure encrypted calls to emergency alerting systems, we offer commercial quality conferencing to government and secure military markets.

We work with these agencies to generate mission-oriented solutions such as spatial audio, satellite communications and red/black network deployments. Our Summit platform and associated applications are JITC Certified for deployment across the secure Defense Information Network. We also offer a lifetime support guarantee along with 24 x 7 x 365 assistance, and we never manufacture discontinue our products. The scalability, reliability, and flexibility of Compunetix systems can expand your required conferencing solution into limitless communications possibilities.

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Among the Cloud

Clouds, as we may recall from school, are not standalone objects – but rather, are a result of our ever-evolving water ecosystem. They do not exist, for instance, without basic foundational moisture in the air. Similarly, communication clouds are part of a much larger and complex communications ecosystem, and likewise require similarly strong foundational support.

From the public clouds to private clouds, to hybrid clouds and beyond, Compunetix platforms provide that foundational support for massively scalable OTT and cloud-based unified collaboration services.

Our ecosystem of products, services and partners allow customers to seed their cloud solutions quickly and then craft personalized service offerings that promise to make it rain! Want to learn more about designing cloud-based UC solutions?

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The Next Generation of Customer Engagement

Intended to be utilized as an agent-assisted tool, the Compunetix Video Call Center seamlessly connects patients, doctors, customers, company representatives, support staff, and more. Its easy-to-use video interface streamlines communication and simplifies the experience for all users.

The Video Call Center is a web-based transfer solution built with dynamic WebRTC technologies. WebRTC, or Web Real-Time Communication, is a method of communicating through voice, data, or video using Web Browsers. Seizing upon the opportuinity to utilize this cutting edge communication technology, Compunetix has created the Video Call Center as a user-friendly solution to help alleviate the poor customer experience generally associated with web communication. The reliablity and customizablity of this intuitive solution lets users take the leap into the next generation of high quality remote video communications with patients and customers alike.

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