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Sonexis connects businesses with their customers, partners and employees through powerful audio, web and HD video conferencing products and services that are easy-to-use, secure and cost-effective. Sonexis conferencing solutions are designed for cloud-based deployments or on-premises and are engineered to provide the most flexible and dynamic conferencing experience for the enterprise. Sonexis has become experts at integrating with a customer’s unique business processes for maximum functionality and return on investment.


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An in-house audio conferencing server that eliminates the fees of subscription-based services.

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JITC Solutions

Providing mission critical conferencing equipment for Military Command and Control.

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Information and guides to help you choose the conferencing solutions that are right for your company.

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Industry Solutions

Superior Call Managment

Compunetix has long been a reliable provider of conferencing solutions for the enterprise and while our base-line capabilities cater to day-to-day conferencing activities within the enterprise, they certainly do not stop there. Sonexis ConferenceManager2 is a powerful tool built for reliability, security, and easy and effective management. For this reason, Sonexis confidently provides this platform for Executive Conferencing Call Management and Support.

Company executives are constantly juggling a multitude of responsibilities and do not have time to waste dealing with technical difficulties or system downtimes. When a group of executives join conference calls to discuss important and often sensitive company details it is crucial that they are meeting on a system that is secure and will continue to function even in the case of an outage.

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The Medical Advantage

Healthcare systems encompass an immense network of resources. Coordinating communication between your various hospitals, care facilities, medical professionals and auxiliary support services can present some of the most daunting technical challenges of any industry.

In addition to managing these logistics, there are ever-present requirements to reduce costs, increase productivity, protect patient confidentiality and try to bridge the gap between the patient and the proper care that they deserve. At Compunetix we help to increase collaboration capabilities so that patients can have better care at a lower cost.

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Emergency Triage Communications

Compunetix Emergency Conferencing uses Blast Dial to quickly connect first responders in an audio conference. In the event of an emergency, it is critically important to get a group of emergency responders together on a conference call as quickly as possible with minimal effort. When an emergency occurs the first responder picks up a dedicated phone which instantly creates a conference and triggers a blast dial‐out to other members of the response team. When each team member is called they can be joined directly to the emergency conference in progress.

The Compunetix Emergency System is easily tied into fire company garage doors, on site and remote police and rescue resources and all other required airport entities. It supports multiple emergency incidents simultaneously on both SIP and PSTN telephony.

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Solutions for Trading Environments

In financial trading environments, the Sonexis ConferenceManager2 combines powerful flexibility with a dynamic application suite to provide the most comprehensive solution for quick and reliable communication. As a trading solution, the ConferenceManager2 allows open lines 24/7 for ’round-the-clock’ access to trading activities.

While ConferenceManager2 replicates a traditional hoot n’ holler environment, its flexible connectivity allows it to bypass barriers commonly encountered with traditional trading solutions. By connecting directly to your trading system platform, it guarantees communication security on your terms and investment protection by utilizing pre-existing infrastructure. By providing a high level of functionality and reliability, Sonexis has helped to improve efficiency and proven itself as the go-to provider for trading communication solutions.

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Distance Learning Simplified

Distance learning is a mode of delivering education and instruction, often on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom. Distance learning provides access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and distance, or both. The modern business of education relies on versatile conferencing and collaboration solutions.

Combining the powerful ConferenceManager2 with our dynamic Sonexis software, Sonexis Distance Learning delivers a robust solution for universities and corporations looking to provide instant educational course access through virtual and telephonic channels. The simple to use solution enables convenient and reliable access to lectures, seminars and training sessions from anywhere, at any time.

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Real-Time Tools for Media Broadcasting

In today’s 24/7 News and Media landscape, providers of these stories and content require robust tools for fast and reliable communications, while maintaining a high level of security. Major Broadcast providers are always looking for the strongest technologies available to handle the heavy usage and high demand of their communications, both on-air and off-air.

The Sonexis ConferenceManager2 is the most reliable solution for on-demand calls and media industry requirements. By holding these calls on a dedicated system with ample resources for recording, capacity and call management, Sonexis has proven itself as the first choice for media broadcast providers. Whether you’re communicating with internal team members off the air, or coordinating with the camera crew on a live set, the Sonexis ConferenceManager2 has the necessary tools built-in for seamless and secure communications. At their core, media organizations demand reliable, cost-effective communication solutions that get the job done.

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Solutions for the Legal Sector

For the past decade, Compunetix has added value to the legal sector across the board. From law firms to courtrooms, Compunetix solutions continue to improve communication and reduce costs for all types of court proceedings. From local to state to federal courts, Compunetix has helped pave the way for telephonic court appearances as the go-to alternative to ensure timely appearances and judicial decisions. Over the years, Compunetix has developed numerous product features specifically designed to meet the requirements of our legal-industry customers.

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