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Trading Communication Solutions

Solutions For Trading Environments

In financial trading environments, the Sonexis ConferenceManager™2 combines powerful flexibility with a dynamic application suite to provide the most comprehensive solution for quick and reliable communication. As a trading solution, the ConferenceManager2 allows open lines 24/7 for ’round-the-clock’ access to trading activities.

While ConferenceManager2 replicates a traditional hoot n’ holler environment, its flexible connectivity allows it to bypass barriers commonly encountered with traditional trading solutions. By connecting directly to your trading system platform, it guarantees communication security on your terms and investment protection by utilizing pre-existing infrastructure. By providing a high level of functionality and reliability, Sonexis has helped to improve efficiency and proven itself as the go-to provider for trading communication solutions.

  • 24-1000’s concurrent incoming callers
  • Individual dial-in numbers for calls
  • Listen/Talk/Mute permissions
  • Call recording for future access and archival
  • Individual logins/passwords for each dial-in user
  • Tight integration with “Hoot and Holler” providers

Trading Customer Use Case

Existing Trading clients have been leveraging the ConferenceManager2 for 10+ years to communicate in the 24/7 global economy. With the unique capabilities to mirror hoots on leading trading platforms, and to function as a stand-a-lone bridging platform, Financial Trading clients have the peace of mind that their technology investment is sound and that their trading communications are secure.

Existing clients use the ConferenceManager2 to connect PSTN connections into morning team calls, join Hoot-n-Holler calls for trading and allow Analysts to join hoots or squawks. ConferenceManager2 has been successfully deployed with trading systems in North America and Europe and is utilized by Global financial services firms and banks with over 400 ports worldwide, used for trading.