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Media Broadcasting Solutions

Real-time Tools for Media Broadcasting

In today’s 24/7 News and Media landscape, providers of these stories and content require robust tools for fast and reliable communications, while maintaining a high level of security. Major Broadcast providers are always looking for the strongest technologies available to handle the heavy usage and high demand of their communications, both on-air and off-air.

The Sonexis ConferenceManager™2 is the most reliable solution for on-demand calls and media industry requirements. By holding these calls on a dedicated system with ample resources for recording, capacity and call management, Sonexis has proven itself as the first choice for media broadcast providers. Whether you’re communicating with internal team members off the air, or coordinating with the camera crew on a live set, the Sonexis ConferenceManager2 has the necessary tools built-in for seamless and secure communications. At their core, media organizations demand reliable, cost-effective communication solutions that get the job done.

  • Supports real-time production studio environments
  • Allows for 24/7 ‘on-demand’ conferences
  • Call recording for future playback
  • Full conference call capabilities
  • Listen/Talk/Mute permissions

Media Customer Use Case

The Sonexis ConferenceManager has been the long-time provider for major cable and broadcast networks for pre-production, live broadcast and post-production communications. With support for standard integrations including SIP, PRI and “hoot-n-holler”, the ConferenceManager is a turnkey bridge solution that ensures your production personnel, both in front of the camera and behind, can communicated with ease.

With 10+ years of experience with media and broadcast client requirements, existing Sonexis customers have purchased systems ranging in capacity from 24 to over 140 ports for participants to join broadcast production calls. Media customers leverage system features such as call recording, emergency blast dial and more!