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Crisis Management Solutions

Emergency Triage Communications

Compunetix Emergency Conferencing uses Blast Dial to quickly connect first responders in an audio conference. In the event of an emergency, it is critically important to get a group of emergency responders together on a conference call as quickly as possible with minimal effort. When an emergency occurs the first responder picks up a dedicated phone which instantly creates a conference and triggers a blast dial‐out to other members of the response team. When each team member is called they can be joined directly to the emergency conference in progress.

The Compunetix Emergency System is easily tied into fire company garage doors, on site and remote police and rescue resources and all other required airport entities. It supports multiple emergency incidents simultaneously on both SIP and PSTN telephony.

  • Network Operation Center for incident management/disaster recovery systems.
  • Communication products that integrate seamlessly into existing incident and maintenance procedures.
  • The hosting of one or more troubleshooting conference bridges and breakout rooms that remains open indefinitely for the duration of the incident.
  • The ability to contact (via Emergency Conference) a large number of teams, globally, via phone and email to invite them to join the bridge.
  • A management system to execute these commands with minimal user intervention.

Crisis Management Customer Use Case

The ConferenceManager™2 has been the long-time provider across multiple industries and sectors that require a mission critical communication platform. With support for standard integrations including SIP, PRI and “hoot-n-holler” systems, the ConferenceManager2 is a turnkey bridge solution that ensures your team can triage emergencies as needed, with ease.

Crisis Management customers have deployed hundreds of conferencing ports globally to ensure the quickest response times in the event of an emergency. Crisis and Emergency management customers leverage system features such as call recording, emergency blast dial and more!