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Executive Call Management Solutions

Superior Call Management

Compunetix has long been a reliable provider of conferencing solutions for the enterprise and while our base-line capabilities cater to day-to-day conferencing activities within the enterprise, they certainly do not stop there. Sonexis ConferenceManager™2 is a powerful tool built for reliability, security, and easy and effective management. For this reason, Sonexis confidently provides this platform for Executive Conferencing Call Management and Support.

Company executives are constantly juggling a multitude of responsibilities and do not have time to waste dealing with technical difficulties or system downtimes. When a group of executives join conference calls to discuss important and often sensitive company details it is crucial that they are meeting on a system that is secure and will continue to function even in the case of an outage.

Reliability and Disaster Recovery

High reliability and component redundancies ensure ConferenceManager2’s availability for critical communication and minimal downtime. With a redundant server the system’s capabilities include built-in replication, which eliminates data loss by delivering real-time replication of all data across servers. This redundant configuration can include some or all of the following:

  • Hot-swappable hard drives and power supplies for each server
  • Multiple media servers to ensure zero downtime
  • Multiple sites, operating together to ensure availability even in the event of a disaster

With multiple geographically dispersed servers, the secondary site acts as a back-up that can handle the capacity of the primary site during an outage or otherwise. With this type of configuration, executives can rest assured that they can collaborate and continue crucial activities no matter what.


As an on-site deployment, ConferenceManager2 lives behind your firewall and within your corporate network security policies, offering the most secure conferencing application available for executive conferencing. By providing this level of security and Sonexis ConferenceManager2 ensures that sensitive corporate information remains private and inaccessible to anyone outside of the executive network. In addition ConferenceManager2 provides multiple layers of security with the ability to lock conferences as well as choose both PIN and Password protection for conference access, offering unmatched security for your executive team.

Call Support and Management

The ConferenceManager2 Operator Console provides the Executive Support team with the tools they need to effectively manage executive conference calls. The Operator Console GUI allows Executive Support staff to efficiently address issues, identify feedback or noisy lines, and assists hosts and participants during live calls with view of all active conferences and participants within each call. Using this powerful tool, incoming callers can be greeted as they enter the call, quickly placed into their respective conference if they are having trouble joining, and even identified using built-in ANI lookup technology, ensuring only approved participants are able to join.

As a participant or host, you can easily contact Executive Support by simply dialing *00, which both audibly and visually alerts Support that you are requesting assistance, allowing them to either enter the conference to provide support or pull you into a private room while they assist you directly without disrupting the rest of the conference. With this capability, executives have the peace-of-mind that they will have access to immediate assistance as needed, guaranteeing minimal interruption to their meetings and activities in the case of any trouble.