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Remote Collaboration Connects People in Times of Travel Restrictions

For such a large place, the globe appears to shrink with each passing year as we continue to interconnect ourselves for increased information flow, access to remote data and enhanced communications. Businesses continue to leverage new technologies and protocols to attain that lofty goal of being able to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time.


Simultaneously, current events have converged to offer sizeable new challenges – mass migrations, environmental changes, economic dependencies and global health concerns. These challenges lay new requirements on our populations, governments and businesses. How do we continue global operations when part of the globe is not operating, or is inaccessible?


Real-time communications and collaboration can offer a powerful tool in the face of these challenges. Multipoint communications, mobility and advancing video technologies offer new ways to approach traditional business goals. They not only allow for the uninterrupted flow of business communications during times of turmoil, but importantly offer a slew of additional benefits such as:


  • An increase in trust among the stakeholders – employees, customers and management
  • Continual and regular feedback in order to assess and make adjustments
  • Ability to continue regular communications in times of crises
  • Regular communications to keep projects and goals on track
  • Increased communication can lead to increased morale
  • Maintaining a consistent level of knowledge across a dispersed organization