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Register Now for A Whole New World Webcast

IMCCA Collaboration Week - February 2021

Join Compunetix and the IMCCA for “A Whole New World” webcast on February 24, starting at 11 AM EST. Industry experts and thought leaders investigate how the pandemic has been a catalyst for permanent change in organizations across the globe. Robert Haley, Director of Marketing, will discuss what the future of work will look like as we start to move past the pandemic and what organizations can do to prepare for a new hybrid work model.

This week’s webcast includes three discussions examining how the modern workplace has evolved and what to expect moving forward. Part one will focus on statistical data, and how to interpret and apply it to your organization and workflow. Part two explores the “new office” – a space where collaboration is the predominant activity, and the majority of desks, offices, and workstations are for people who have dropped by to participate in that group work. Part three includes a detailed analysis of the hybrid work model and the new home office.

This is an event you do not want to miss, register now!