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Compunetix Updates ConnectNow for Improved Team Collaboration

The current and evolving workplace revolves around successful team collaboration as organizations and employees are no longer bound to a single location. This creates greater complexity in managing successful teams; however, the measurable benefits of effective team collaboration outweigh the …

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Flexible Deployment Options with Compunetix

In order to meet the growing demand for our hosted collaboration customers, Compunetix is proud to announce the opening of our new Pittsburgh Data Center.

In addition to continuing to provide clients with on-premises implementations, Compunetix is servicing a growing …

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Choosing the Right Telehealth Partner for Your RPM Program

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) for chronic disease management has been rapidly growing in popularity. Safety concerns, rising healthcare costs, transportation, and aging can make accessing healthcare professionals difficult. New and evolving technology gives professionals the toolset to monitor and treat …

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Compunetix Excels with Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Advanced manufacturing utilizes innovative, intelligent technology to improve production processes across all industries. For over 50 years, and all throughout the recent pandemic, Compunetix has been leveraging these techniques to produce highly sophisticated electronics and advanced communication solutions for organizations …

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Professional Man on Video Conference

Business Videoconferencing Etiquette

Today’s blog was written by Dino Mallas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) Sales Manager, in the Communications Systems Division of Compunetix. Dino has been consulting conferencing provider customers for over ten years. Contact Dino at dmallas@compunetix.com.

It’s no …

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Compunetix Employee Spotlight

Compunetix Employee Spotlight: Aanchal Garg

In celebration of World Engineering Day, Compunetix would like to highlight the career of one of our Software Engineers, Aanchal Garg, who has played an integral role in developing our ConnectNow data sharing and teleconferencing solution.

Aanchal GargAanchal Garg has been …

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Engineers Week 2021

2021 Engineers Week

Compunetix wants to acknowledge and thank all our dedicated engineers for their innovative work and for paving the way for the future of our organization. We would also like to thank our engineering customers, partners, and manufacturers during this year’s …

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IMCCA Collaboration Week - February 2021

Register Now for A Whole New World Webcast

Join Compunetix and the IMCCA for “A Whole New World” webcast on February 24, starting at 11 AM EST. Industry experts and thought leaders investigate how the pandemic has been a catalyst for permanent change in organizations across …

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How Telehealth is Improving Our Mental Health

Insurance companies across the country are expanding coverage to include video and telephone-based mental health appointments and online wellness programs. These initiatives are addressing a critical care need across the country. Access to high-quality mental health services has never been …

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Creating Positive Impact from Change

Change is an inevitable aspect of conducting business; although, abrupt change, such as what we’re experiencing with the pandemic, can be difficult to endure and manage. COVID-19 left little time for transition with organizations around the world shutting down to …

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