Compunetix Releases Video Call Center™ for e-Health Market

Compunetix, Inc. a global leader in high definition video collaboration solutions for industry vertical segments, is pleased to release the new Compunetix Video Call Center™. Designed as an agent-assist tool, the Video Call Center solution empowers e-health organizations to seamlessly connect patients, healthcare professionals, support staff, as well as others, in high definition video call sessions. Its easy-to-use interface streamlines communication and simplifies the experience for all users, while simultaneously adding important visual communication cues for the healthcare provider.


The Video Call Center is a web browser-based call solution built upon dynamic WebRTC technologies. WebRTC, or Web Real-Time Communication, is an emerging real-time communication protocol for delivery of high quality voice, data, and video using standard web browsers, without download. WebRTC also allows an SRTP encrypted video, audio and signal connection, guaranteeing the privacy and confidentiality of the communication.


Seizing opportunities to utilize this disruptive communication technology, Compunetix has created the Video Call Center as a user-friendly solution designed to elevate the level of service across the burgeoning healthcare industry.


As healthcare costs continue to rise, industry organizations strive to improve service while simultaneously streamline operations and reducing overall costs. Video Call Center takes direct aim at this challenge by giving those professionals the ability to embed easy-to-use video communications directly into their existing web pages or healthcare portals. Healthcare agents can view and speak directly with users to triage conditions and assemble resources, transfer to or conference additional consultations, or assist the user in scheduling the next phase of their care. Video Call Center can be implemented either as a pure cloud solution or as on premise deployment.


“This new level of e-health, or telemedicine, is designed around the needs of the providers and end users,” explains Antonio Capodieci, Manager of Video Sales at Compunetix. “It allows healthcare providers of nearly any size to offer video health services to their clientele in a personal and immersive way. Previous video solutions placed too many expensive technical requirements on end users to reach mass adoption. The Compunetix Video Call Center enables higher definition point-to-point and multipoint video call capability through the simplicity of a supported web browser.”


About Compunetix, Inc.
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