Compunetix / Compunetics / Chorus Call / Sonexis Reinforce Right and Responsibility to Vote

Compunetix, Inc., Compunetics, Inc., Chorus Call, Inc. and Sonexis, Inc. are once again encouraging and incenting their employees to exercise their right and responsibility to vote in the upcoming general election on November 8.


Continuing their non-partisan program of allowing all employees time off during the workday to vote, the four companies hope to repeat their successful turnout as in previous election, where employee participation was over 80%. All employees who present valid proof that they voted will receive four additional hours of paid time off (PTO).


Dr. Giorgio Coraluppi, president of the four companies and himself a naturalized American citizen, developed this innovative initiative over 10 years ago to inspire all eligible employees to participate in the election process. He feels strongly that employees should exercise this important right.


“We do not care whom they vote for, just that they vote,” Dr. Coraluppi explains. “We want to eliminate any barriers to the voting process.”


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