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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber Security

In honor of October’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Compunetix would like to encourage you to make cyber security a priority in all of your business operations.


As a large portion of business meetings and communications move to the Cloud, many customers and providers are still determining the best solution to ensure that out-of-network information and technology remains secure. The threat of cyber-attacks and security breaches are a constant and ongoing battle for many businesses and, at Compunetix, providing secure and reliable technologies is at the forefront of our innovation. See how we achieve this with our solutions below:


Secure Conferencing Tools:


WebRTC Video Call Center – Using WebRTC technology is the future of secure video and real-time conferencing. This is why we chose it as the basis for our Video Call Center solution. As a call transfer tool used in telehealth, telebanking and more; building upon the most reliable and secure technology was a necessary requirement.


Click HERE to download more information on VCC.


Summit Olympus – Featuring the added security of encrypted audio, the Summit Olympus enables you to maintain customer privacy, facilitate secure communications, and protect against malicious users.


ConferenceManager2 – This platform offers superior security for your audio, web, and video conferences. By providing enhanced conference, network, and account access protection, organizations can be confident that their vital corporate information and intellectual property are protected from unauthorized access.


Download the CM2 Security spec sheet HERE.


EVERGREEN Video MCU – EVERGREEN systems are carrier-class products built to strict military standards and designed to deliver highly reliable, feature-rich collaboration. Conference level passcodes, encryption, partitioning and strong passwords provide enhanced security.


Secure Deployment Options:


On-Premises – By installing your solution on-premises, it has the added security of living within your company network and behind the company firewall, guaranteeing that your security standards will be met.


Private-Hosted – In addition to traditional hosted options, Compunetix also offers a private hosted option, which allows customers to maintain a dedicated system within the Compunetix network. This gives customers peace-of-mind for additional privacy and, most importantly, security.


Compunetix would like to thank our customer for trusting us to keep their meetings and collaboration activities secure!

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