Versatile, highest-quality manufacturing from simple board-level production to complex system-level integration

Through sophisticated electronics manufacturing, Compunetix serves a comprehensive list of external customers and meets internal manufacturing needs. 


Compunetix is a long-standing industry leader in developing and using the latest skills and technologies to produce highly-sophisticated electronics systems, from PCB level assembly and testing services to highly sophisticated electronic system integration. As a vertically-integrated organization, Compunetix demonstrates that when all levels of electronics design and manufacturing are available internally, the quality of the product can be strictly controlled to the highest standards.

Customer-specific flexibility, and why you need it

“Let’s serve the customer, not ourselves.” It’s something heard often at Compunetix. It would be easier for us to just engineer a few communications solutions and let our customers adapt to those. After all, plenty in our industry do it that way. But with Compunetix it’s the other way around. We know that your organization, your situation, is different. Just tell us your needs and our experienced and skilled engineers will propose solutions to meet those needs quickly, effectively, and reliably. Compunetix is solid, but not rigid. This is reflected in our customer-specific and flexible approach to solutions, and is one of the primary reasons our clients stay with us year after year.

Concept to Completion

The entire realm of electronics manufacturing we offer: various levels of design, fabrication, procurement, electronic assembly and testing.

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We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality products and solutions with a minimal environmental impact.

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One look at our list of customers and projects demonstrates that keeping current with the latest equipment is an absolute must.

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A comprehensive range of proven, tested electronics manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of the most demanding customers


  • Electronic Assembly
    • Surface mount
    • Through hole
    • Backplanes
  • Mechanical Assembly
    • Chassis
    • Harnesses
    • Testing
    • Conformal Coating


  • Prototyping
  • Production
  • Parts Procurement

Quality Assurance

Compunetix stands firm in its belief that quality is built in, and not inspected in. For this reason process control is dominant in every phase of production.

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Capabilities: Concept to Completion

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