Each CONTEX Summit® Olympus includes: One (1) CONTEX Summit® Olympus rack mountable shelf (includes one (1) each of CPIO Front and Rear module, VS Front module, AE Front and Rear module and the appropriate number of line interface front and rear modules for the configuration ordered (SD – only); two (2) CONTEX Summit® Olympus Maintenance Client Software License (PC not included); two (2) CONTEX Global Operator Software and License; one (1) System software package and license; one (1) CONTEX Summit®Olympus Documentation CD; one (1) year limited warranty. Pricing does not include HD or encryption options.


Please Note: The CONTEX Summit®Olympus System is not JITC certified.
Please Note: Compunetix is open to providing other commercial models including monthly, annual or multiyear licensing options.


Please Note: The RSB 5.0 Software Package consists of: RSB 5.0 Server software (Sys Admin, Operator, Account Admin and End User interfaces), RSB 5.0 Notification Software, RSB 5.0 Passcode Server software, RSB 5.0 Billing Collector software. The RSB solution also requires the following software components supplied by the customer: MS-SQL 2005 -2012 database software and PC/Server. RSB Enterprise Software is limited to a maximum of 100,000 database entries. RSB Standard Software is limited to a maximum of 45,000 database entries. RSB Lite Software is limited to a maximum of 20,000 database entries.

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