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Healthcare Collaboration: The Right Call Saves Lives

Healthcare systems encompass an immense network of resources. Coordinating communication between hospitals, care facilities, medical professionals and auxiliary support services can present some of the most daunting technical challenges of any industry.


In addition to managing these logistics, there are ever-present requirements to reduce costs, increase productivity, protect patient confidentiality and to bridge the gap between the patient and the proper care that they deserve. At Compunetix we help to increase collaboration capabilities so that patients can have better care at a lower cost.


Our telemedicine solutions consist of the Video Call Center™ and the ConferenceManager™2. Video Call Center is a web-based transfer solution built with dynamic WebRTC technologies that enables remote doctor-patient communication capability. Another important aspect of our health system is the role of Healthcare Transfer Centers. Transfer Centers are a recent expansion of existing healthcare provider call center activities. The ConferenceManager2 provides the visual tools that enable expert Transfer Center staff to effectively perform their critical duties while making the system more efficient overall.


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