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Distance Learning & Collaboration Solutions

Distance learning for higher education is not a new concept but it has become increasingly popular due to its many benefits. Virtual collaboration solutions recently enabled institutions to offer online classes while in-person learning was put on-hold.  Studies show that remote learning can be an effective alternative to in-person learning if an innovative and collaborative infrastructure is implemented.

Compunetix Distance Learning solutions provide an effective and secure tool for educators to conduct lectures and engage in collaborative classroom experiences. Integrated with call management tools such as our audio and operator console, educators can easily manage their individual classes. Meanwhile, help desk operators can monitor all live classes, place or move incoming student callers to their correct classroom, and respond to any potential requests for assistance.

Educators and students alike benefit from the many advantages of distance learning:

  • Flexibility – Distance learning offers greater versatility compared to in-person learning as students and educators can easily tailor their classes around career and family responsibilities. There are program options that can meet anyone’s needs.
  • Ease of Access – Remote learning from the convenience of your home or office creates opportunities for students in the environment that they find most effective. Our state-of-the-art features make classroom collaboration more streamlined and available for students that were formerly restricted by their geographic location.
  • Cost Savings – College education costs are at an all-time high. Online degrees and professional certifications are driving down the cost of higher education, making it more accessible to a greater number of students. Distance learning eliminates the cost of commuting and room and board expenses.

The increased demand for distance or hybrid learning has influenced many colleges and universities to create degree plans with a combination of these modalities.

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