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Creating Positive Impact from Change

Change is an inevitable aspect of conducting business; although, abrupt change, such as what we’re experiencing with the pandemic, can be difficult to endure and manage. COVID-19 left little time for transition with organizations around the world shutting down to help slow the spread. Millions of employees and organizations were thrust into their first work from home experiment. More than a year later, positive business trends are emerging in our industry and many others.

After the rapid adoption learning curve, research shows that remote work can increase productivity and has enabled a new level of production. According to a new report, “The Future of Work: From Remote to Hybrid,” over six in ten organizations witnessed productivity gains ranging from 13%-24%. Employers also report increased employee satisfaction, reduced operating costs, and lower attrition rates. According to HR expert, and industry analyst, Josh Bersin, the work-from-home trend in many industries is here to stay, even after COVID-19.

Remote work can also improve sustainability efforts. With less people commuting, there are significantly less vehicles on the road, which equates to lower emission rates. People across all industries are utilizing collaboration tools to host virtual meetings, which drastically reduces the amount of corporate and work-related travel. Additionally, studies show that employees consume less single-use plastic, paper products, and energy when working from home.

Another benefit from the rapid, large-scale adoption rate is improved technology. Millions of people around the world are connecting, collaborating, and sharing with advanced audio and video tools that have new and enhanced features to meet consumer demands. Organizations have opened virtual front doors to their businesses, which keeps consumers safe while also offering convenience.

Compunetix specializes in custom communication solutions tailored specifically to clients’ needs and requirements. Our solutions are applicable across numerous industries, such as:

  • HIPPA approved telehealth applications and healthcare collaboration
  • Distance learning, from elementary to higher education institutions
  • Courtroom hearings and legal communications
  • JITC conferencing, approved for DOD usage
  • Finance and trading communications
  • Emergency communication solutions
  • Energy and utility communications
  • Executive call management
  • Emergency conferencing
  • Retail and self-service
  • Transportation communications
  • Media broadcasting

To learn more about our custom solutions and lifetime support, contact us today!