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Compunetix Updates ConnectNow for Improved Team Collaboration


The current and evolving workplace revolves around successful team collaboration as organizations and employees are no longer bound to a single location. This creates greater complexity in managing successful teams; however, the measurable benefits of effective team collaboration outweigh the additional challenges. Studies show that successful teams finish tasks faster and meet important deadlines more efficiently compared to individual employees. Organizations that want to sustain a competitive advantage prioritize the use of innovative collaboration technology.

ConnectNow is a compelling new productivity platform from Compunetix that empowers consistent and powerful team collaboration from any modern internet browser. This intuitive click-to-join platform offers integrated audio, web, and WebRTC video in a single solution, enabling seamless communication and participation. With single click access, you can share your ideas, data, desktop, and more. The ConnectNow data sharing tool is designed and tested specifically with the user in mind. It features a highly intuitive interface with a sleek, contemporary, and easy-to-use flow. Brand-specific customization allows you to easily showcase your logo and theme, giving you complete control of the look and feel of the end user experience, or to provide white label services for reseller organizations.

ConnectNow fosters a collaborative space for innovative workflow across all industries and boasts several key features. Its team sharing toolset enables groups to share ideas, opinions, files, data, images, desktop applications, and more through WebRTC video, integrated HD audio, host portal, session chat, and recording capabilities. The integrated account portal grants users and administrators access to reports, recordings, statistics, and performance metrics, which is crucial to cross-functional persistent teams.

Compunetix new hosted productivity platform ensures ease-of-access, world-class security, best-in-class audio and video fidelity, and a completely brandable interface. Its API allows for effortless integration and expansion with existing infrastructure. Compunetix also offers ConnectNow as a hosted or on-premises solution. To learn more about increasing team productivity with ConnectNow, contact us to schedule a demo.