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Compunetix Secure Video Conferencing Solutions

How secure are your conference calls? Organizations across the globe are questioning the security and privacy of their conference calls as millions of people transition to remote work.

Collaboration tools are vital and when communicating confidential business information from a remote location, businesses need to ensure security and privacy or risk sharing sensitive information with the wrong audience.

Many vendors and popular applications offer a “one size fits all” solution; however, most organizations need a flexible, scalable and customizable solution to fit their unique security needs. The security features built into collaboration tools are critically important, now more than ever, and can have severe consequences if they aren’t prioritized. Amid the current pandemic, many organizations are asking, how do I choose the right video conferencing solution?

Compunetix is the leading developer of converged video, voice and data collaboration and conferencing applications for the service provider, government and corporate enterprise markets – all of which require robust and reliable security. The EVERGREEN platform and Companion Web interface seamlessly bridge networks and users, enabling powerful, secure collaboration. Combined with world-class support and innovative professional services, Compunetix delivers the most reliable solution, every time.

Compunetix can help your organization maintain private and secure video communications, offering a full family of video solutions and security features for team collaboration, such as:

EVERGREEN Video Solution

  • Quality, secure, and scalable group video conferencing platform
  • Multiple deployment options – private cloud or on-premise
  • Strong password support on all user interfaces
  • Provide interconnectivity between endpoints
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption algorithms
  • Innovative and optimized architecture
  • Live operator support available
  • Customizable for your business
  • Supports multiple IP interfaces

Companion Web Video Collaboration

  • High-quality video client within WebRTC-supported web browsers
  • Full, end-to-end encryption of signaling and all media channels at all times
  • Third party identity providers for an additional layer of protection
  • Seamlessly supports one-on-one and multipoint collaboration
  • Secure and encrypted interface; verified by Ethical Intruder
  • Dual authentication capability for conferences
  • Customizable for your business
  • No download required

Both Companion Web and EVERGREEN Video have been thoroughly, independently tested and verified as highly secure solutions. With private cloud access, dedicated media connections, protected access with unique PINs and passwords for each participant and conference level ability to lock meeting access, your meetings are guaranteed to remain closed to those that don’t belong.

As the world shifts towards a more digital landscape, crime has adapted.  Recently companies have rushed to move their employees to work remotely and many are unknowingly using unsecure networks, devices, and applications, putting proprietary information at risk. Because of this, there has been a dramatic increase in phishing attacks; cyber criminals have struck at a nine-times greater rate in the last 30 days. Simply put, hackers were quick to exploit remote workers.

Cybercrimes are a significant threat to all organizations across all industries, and the rapid shift to remote work has magnified this threat significantly.  It is estimated that cybercrime costs the global economy 1.5 trillion dollars annually and that number is expected to rise.

Don’t let your organization fall victim to cyber criminals. Compunetix team collaboration tools can keep your business safe and productive during COVID-19 and into the future. Let us help you stay securely connected!

Compunetix Video Conferencing Solutions

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