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Compunetix Excels with Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Advanced manufacturing utilizes innovative, intelligent technology to improve production processes across all industries. For over 50 years, and all throughout the recent pandemic, Compunetix has been leveraging these techniques to produce highly sophisticated electronics and advanced communication solutions for organizations all over the world.

The Compunetix Instrumentation Systems Division (ISD) is responsible for developing and manufacturing technologically complex and innovative products that solve problems for our customers. ISD’s accelerated rate of technology adoption combined with the innovative application of these technologies creates value for our customers and preserves competitive advantage.

Our approach encompasses the entire spectrum of sophisticated electronics manufacturing, including design, fabrication, procurement, assembly, and testing services. Compunetix is vertically integrated; we maintain complete control of all aspects of our supply chain and manufacturing processes. Combined with our in-house engineering expertise, Compunetix offers custom tailored products and services to meet any customer’s critical requirements.

As a long-standing industry leader, customers rely on Compunetix for product quality, manufacturing agility, and unsurpassed service.


Over 50 years of experience in specialty manufacturing combined with vertical integration has allowed Compunetix to offer the highest-quality products and services. Our advanced manufacturing processes are strictly controlled to the highest standards.


Our approach is customer specific and we have a comprehensive range of proven, tested electronics manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Many customers come to us with complex problems that we solve through our innovative approach to the entire spectrum of manufacturing.


Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations. At the beginning of last year, Compunetix developed safety processes in order to continue manufacturing throughout the pandemic. ISD was able to manufacture and deliver products in a greatly accelerated timeframe to meet customer requirements amid a global pandemic.

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