Are You Using Secure Video Conferencing?

Given the recently discovered vulnerabilities of some well-known video conferencing solutions, now might be a good time to re-evaluate what you’re using, or perhaps, not using. As you might have experienced, many current video-conferencing solutions require the installation of an app or software plugin to utilize their product. With that comes the risk of an unwanted install of malicious spyware or malware that greatly increases your vulnerability to a security hack.


This blog explains in detail why WebRTC improves security for real time communication:


Zoom app vulnerability shows why WebRTC is important

That’s why Compunetix chose WebRTC as a standard to experience multipoint video conferencing from pc and mobile devices with Companion Web. At Compunetix, we refuse to compromise on security, giving you the peace of mind of the privacy on your video conferences and the protection of your data. Our solutions guarantee:

  • Encrypted media connection – Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) for media functionalities (audio, video, file transfer, chat, data sharing)
  • Access to video conferencing resources with a private dedicated network or on-premise deployment
  • Protected access with unique PINs and passwords for each participant

Also, Compunetix video conferencing solutions allow:

  • Mixing WebRTC participants (joining from mobile devices or pc) and H.323/SIP endpoints (joining from room systems) in the same conference
  • Joining a video conference without any download (on a custom branded web page)
  • The largest video conferencing scalability with the possibility to connect over 1,500 HD active endpoints

Contact Antonio Capodieci today to find out how you can benefit from our secure Companion Web solution.