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Are You Keeping Up with Your System’s Health?

With many businesses still operating at an increased remote capacity, reliable access to communication tools is more important than ever.  With this in mind, we’d like to encourage you to take a proactive approach to maintaining your ConferenceManager system’s optimum performance to guarantee communications are available when they’re needed the most. Take a look at our suggested options below to ensure your system stays healthy and reliable for the foreseeable future.

Proactive Maintenance Options:

  1. Implement Automated Back-Ups

    Your ConferenceManager solution allows you to turn on and schedule automated system back-ups. If you don’t already utilize this feature, we highly suggest you do so! It’s an easy way to protect your data in the event of an unexpected crash. Reach out to your Compunetix Account Rep if you need help getting started!
  2. Enable ConferenceContinuity on Your System

    Utilizing ConferenceContinuity, our high availability option, not only ensures access to back-up communication systems in the event of a failure, but it also enables your system to proactively monitor for any potential system failures, allowing the back-up system to take over before a crash can occur. ConferenceContinuity is a cost-effective upgrade and the most secure way to guarantee communication availability when the unexpected happens.

More About ConferenceContinuity

The ConferenceContinuity Engine provides comprehensive protection against single points of failure to ensure that applications are continually running and operational for serving critical business services. With a redundant server, the system’s capabilities include built-in replication, which eliminates data loss by delivering real-time replication of all data across servers. This redundant configuration can include some or all of the following:

  • Built-in replication
  • WAN acceleration and optimization
  • Hot-swappable hard drives and power supplies for each server
  • Multiple media servers to ensure zero downtime
  • Multiple sites, operating together to ensure availability even in the event of a disaster

ConferenceContinuity Diagram

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