Cloud Based Video Conferencing and Collaboration

Expand your reach into the Cloud by harnessing the power of the Evergreen Cloud. A software videoconferencing client for mobility and do-it-yourself users.

Evergreen Cloud is the quickest way to add and extend Videoconferencing to your business enabling communication between employees, partners and customers through our Cloud Platform.


Now the robust capabilities of the Compunetix Evergreen Collaboration Infrastructure have been seamlessly integrated with the power of the cloud to provide a flexible, video collaboration solution – introducing Evergreen Cloud.


Download the Evergreen software to manage meetings on your own, instantly start a group meeting or call one on one to colleagues, partners and customers.

Reaching Into the Cloud

With Evergreen Cloud, you can harness the power of the cloud to fulfill all of your videoconferencing needs.

  • Accessing Virtual Ports: Evergreen Cloud provides you with your own dedicated system resources, or virtual ports, Virtual ports are able to facilitate both point-to-point and multipoint video conferencing without requiring an investment in system hardware.
  • Per Port Flexibility: Subscribe to Evergreen Cloud, as your organization grows and conferencing needs change, you can add or remove ports at needed with no restrictions on multi-point or concurrent calls, it lets you choose how your ports are deployed.
  • Unlimited Availability: Every virtual port is available on-demand – providing you with limitless access to your conferencing resources. At any moment, you have the freedom to start your next call. No reservation? No problem.
  • Endpoint Agnostic: Featuring robust interconnectivity with your existing endpoints, virtual ports support any stand-alone, H.323 standards-based video conferencing endpoints. If you can connect to the cloud, you can connect to the conference.

Simplifying the Experience

  • Streamline Your Focus: By relying on Evergreen cloud you can instantly eliminate concerns over hardware maintenance and controlling the cost of video conferencing. With Evergreen Cloud you can finally get back to focusing on what is most important in your organization.
  • Specialized Support: Evergreen Cloud is fortified by 24 x 7 help desk support. Should you ever need them, someone is always ready and waiting to assist.

Free 30 Day Trial

  • Contact Compunetix: Customers are invited to try Evergreen Cloud by downloading it from the App Store, google Play and here for Windows. The trial will include 10 ports for 30 days.
  • Price: Available upon request.

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