the complete unified collaboration solution

To get the most out of Compunetix Companion, pair it with the one-of-a-kind Companion Plus(+) Service Wrap

Companion Plus is set of defined meeting services for all Companion users to enhance and provide additional value to their collaboration meetings.  Hosted by Chorus Call, a sister service organization of Compunetix, the optional Companion Plus(+) offers the complete unified collaboration solution by providing numerous service features. Some of the provided features include:

  • Chorus Call White Glove Service: Including star-zero (*0) live operator support
  • Meeting Moderator: Provides a secondary web interface for viewing and managing large event calls, directing the question queue and backchannel chat with call operations
  • Audio/Video/Webcasting Services: Optional expansion of your session for view &listen only webcast audience members
  • High Profile Events: Complete pre and post-event high-touch meeting services such as invitations, material distribution and collection, managed sessions, reporting, recordings, transcriptions and more

Not everyone needs the Companion Plus capabilities for every on-demand video call.  However, the Companion Plus wrap can bridge the gap between expensive, full-service video offerings and basic, bare-bones, postage-stamp sized free video.


Access and utilize just the Plus tools that you need for your meeting.  Use the recording and the transcription services to provide a written record of an event.  Utilize the White-Glove services for sensitive and important negotiations by having operations dial-out and connect participants, or to offer live announcements during the call.  Expand the reach of your session by streaming the video live onto the web to service very large audiences.


Chorus Call is a global provider of advanced collaboration solutions to large organizations throughout the world.  With operations and staff in over 10 countries around the globe, Chorus Call is available 24×7 to handle all types of meeting services.

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