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The MVP readily interfaces with a variety of Compunetix-manufactured and third party communications accessories. Our technical SME’s (subject matter experts) are happy to recommend MVP compatible accessories to form a comprehensive integrated solution.
Typical accessories include headsets, footswitches, voice recorders, and a variety of networking equipment. When purchasing directly from Compunetix, these accessories are backed by our standard warranty.
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Dispatch Consoles

The 4-STAR is a Radio over IP (RoIP) device connecting up to 4 analog radios via an IP (SIP) network. E&M signaling on each port supports Push-to-talk (PTT) keying and includes a standard 4-wire full-duplex audio interface. Each port also includes an RS232/422 serial port and discrete input/output for enhanced radio control (e.g. frequency, mode, squelch, power) as supported by the MVP software. The 4-STAR can be directly connected to an MVP or used stand-alone. Read More

Active Jack Box

Active Jack Box

The Active Jack Box supports premium headsets such as the Bose A20 for use with the Compunetix mission instruments. It provides microphone amplification as well as power for active noise canceling. Each Active Jack Box supports two headsets via 10-pin LEMO connectors.

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