Sonexis Solutions for the Legal Sector

Law firms and their clients need an effective way to quickly assess the merits and costs of their cases. Dramatic increases in litigation and investigations, shorter deadlines to respond and increasing costs are forcing organizations to find new ways to streamline their efforts, reduce costs and mitigate risk. Additionally, with corporate legal departments more closely managing budgets and balancing practice areas with reduced staff, most organizations are looking to alternative cost accounting solutions to simplify the billing process and increase profitability.
For the past decade, Sonexis has added value to the legal sector across the board. From law firms to courtrooms, Sonexis solutions continue to improve communication and reduce costs for all types of court proceedings. From local to state to federal courts, Sonexis has helped pave the way for telephonic court appearances as the go-to alternative to ensure timely appearances and judicial decisions. Over the years, Sonexis has developed numerous product features specifically designed to meet the requirements of our legal-industry customers.

Telephonic Tools for Legal Collaboration

The Legal industry is in a continual state of change as laws and technology evolve together to allow for a new virtual landscape for court hearings, meetings and mediation. As more federal, state and local courts allow for telephonic court appearances, they rely heavily on dependable and cost effective collaboration technologies. These advanced communication tools come in many forms, some as video conferencing for visual and audio proceedings, while others consist primarily of a dial in phone number with a set of DTMF commands to navigate options during the court hearing.
The Legal industry also encompasses many different services from institutions for the private sector. This side of the industry demand real-time collaboration with internal staff, partners and clients. As one of the fastest adopters of new collaboration technologies, the private legal sector has helped to drive multiple waves of change across all industries. The commercial implementation of many new technologies, from VoIP based solutions, to cloud computing, to speech recognition and beyond, is being helped by the advances in the legal-IT industry.

Telephonic Court Proceedings

Providing reliable technology solutions for telephonic court appearances, Sonexis delivers a court proceedings collaboration solution with CourtConnect. This robust solution is powered by the Sonexis ConferenceManagerâ„¢2 platform and our Operator Console interface, creating the most configurable collaboration choice available to courts today.
Sonexis CourtConnect allows users to schedule and manage remote appearances for court proceedings of all kinds. It provides seamless access to connect judges, attorneys and other parties for hearings, trials, mediation, arbitration and more. This comprehensive solution for telephonic court appearances is adaptable, innovative and intuitive and integrates with most existing court tools available today.

Real-time, secure & scalable collaboration

Key collaboration features for the Legal Sector include support for up to 200 Participants in a single call, up to 10 Sub-conferences in a single call, a graphical user interface for complete conference control and a disaster recovery account in the event of an outage or natural disaster.
Sonexis solutions can be customized and built to support every demanding requirement in the legal sector. With Triple Layer security and a Sonexis disaster recovery account, the Legal Sector will have true peace of mind that their critical communications are both secure and reliable.
Many of our legal sector clients choose: ConferenceManagerâ„¢2

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